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We are looking for dynamic students who have an interest in social neuroscience and/or developmental psychopathology and who have extensive research experience, preferably with experience writing research manuscripts and/or presenting research at international conferences. French language abilities are an asset and, for 2024-2025, there will be a preference for students interested in working in the intranasal oxytocin, attention retraining, and fear of depression recurrence research areas (see research section of website). I have a preference for students applying into the MA program (leading to the PhD), rather than students with an MA or MSc. degree.

I generally only consider applicants who are eligible for scholarships from Quebec or Canada, as we have a policy to fund all graduate students with a minimum of $21 500. Most of this cost is covered by the research supervisor. For international students, please note that tuition fees at Concordia are based on citizenship and residency. Tuition remission awards that cover most of the fees are available on a competitive basis for PhD students only (i.e., who have already completed a Master’s degree).  Thus, it is often not possible to accept international students to the MA program at this time, given the high costs of tuition (approximately $24 000 per year) and their ineligibility to federal and provincial scholarships.

If you decide to apply, I will review your application in December and January. Because of the high number of applicants requesting to join the laboratory, I cannot offer interviews prior to January. Similarly, my students and I will only be interviewing a short-list of candidates, which is typically 3 to 4 applicants. Please note that there are typically 30 to 50 high quality applicants that apply to study in my laboratory each year. Due to the high volume of email I receive from potential students in the fall semester, I cannot respond to all emails and often respond weeks later.  If you have questions, please look carefully at the website, which has been updated in November 2023.

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Looking for volunteer experience? We offer volunteer positions that provide up to 10 hours a week of experience with data entry, and other tasks related to research.

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